Saturday, March 28, 2009

Socks 101

Last night, I'd finished knitting Meggie's sweater, but didn't want to sew on the buttons. (Yes, I hate to thread needles...*LOL*) Instead, I picked up my "Socks 101" instructions and began working on my very first pair of knitted socks.
I don't have any sock yarn, and they didn't have any at Wal-Mart when I stopped there on my way to work yesterday morning. The nice lady who worked in the sewing/yarn/crafts section said that they only non-acrylic yarn they carry is the cotton dishcloth yarn. *SIGH*
I ordered some sock yarn from, but that won't be here for 5 - 10 business days, and I'm too impatient to wait. So I decided to knit a practice pair from baby yarn. I love the color, but I'm sure the acrylic is going to be really uncomfortable to wear.
Oh, well....I'm LEARNING, so this will be fine to learn with. :-)

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