Monday, June 28, 2010

Campin' and Knittin'

I went camping Thursday and came home yesterday....what a great way to spend a weekend! It's been so steamy and hot at home that it was wonderful to get out in the woods for a few days. The weather was stormy on Thursday, but after that it was just cool mornings, warm (not hot) afternoons, and cool evenings.

We had a really torrential thunderstorm Thursday evening, but my tent doesn't leak so I didn't mind at all. I just sat inside, watching the storm through the tent window, and knitted away happily.

I took my Dragonfly socks with me, but spent most of my knitting time working on some dishcloths. I'd promised to knit a dozen for bingo prizes for our family reunion in August. I've now finished 7 of them...only 5 to go! Actually, I'm knitting them 2 at a time so I have 6 completed and am halfway through the next pair. I like knitting them 2 at a time so I don't get too terribly bored. They're good mindless knitting to do while visiting.

I hope to work a little more on my socks tonight while watching a Netflix movie. It's been a busy morning at work (I'm on my lunch break now), so I hope I'm not too tired to knit a bit when I get home!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Haley's Doggie Sweater

I finished Haley's doggie sweater this morning and sewed the buttons on it. I hope it fits! I'd forgotten how quickly this little sweater knits up. I was down at Mom & Dad's last night visiting relatives who were in for a visit, and didn't work on the sweater at all. So really I only had a little time for each of three evenings on it and finished it up this morning. Pretty quick!

I'm back on the second pair of Dragonfly socks now; in fact I had them with me at Mom & Dad's last night and worked on them a little while during my visit. Everyone's grown used to seeing me with knitting in my hands, so no one was offended. *LOL* The "Snow Queen" Sockotta is working up into interesting designs. Mom said they look like tapestry. I hope to get some more sock-knitting time in tomorrow between household chores. And I really MUST do a few household chores tomorrow.

Which reminds me....where did I see that pattern online for knitted dust bunnies? :-)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dragonfly Again

When I cast on my next pair of summer socks, I decided to do another pair of Dragonfly socks. Why? Several reasons, really. The first reason is that I really enjoyed knitting the last pair. Secondly, they knit up more quickly than the other summer socks I've knit. Reason three is that I've memorized the pattern and won't have to look at it while knitting them up.

On top of all those practical reasons, I wanted a pair of predominantly blue socks and had a skein of Sockotta's "Snow Queen" in the stash. I think the Dragonfly will look lovely in that blue, white, and purply yarn.

I worked on them while in the waiting room at the dermatologist yesterday (yet another addition to my "medical team"...*rolling eyes*). When I got back home from the doctor I cast on a doggie sweater for Haley, one of four Yorkies that belong to some friends of mine. In April 2009 I knit a sweater for each of the Yorkies, but Haley outgrew hers! I couldn't allow her to be the only one of the four without her very own hand-knit sweater, so I cast on another for her. It'll be just like the first one, but a bit bigger around.

Don't worry, Haley. I completely understand how needing a sweater to be a little bigger around can happen. :-)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dragonfly Completed!

I just finished and photographed my Dragonfly socks. See my sock knitting blog for details. :-) It's been a restful weekend with lots of knitting done. Just the kind of weekend I needed!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dragonfly Continues

I lost most of my three-day weekend to a vile sinus headache (yuck!) so I've not made much progress on my Dragonfly socks since my last post. I've turned the heels and am currently decreasing the gusset, so they're coming along at least. It's funny, while I was in the recliner Saturday listening to the pounding inside my own head I kept thinking, "Oh, man, I could be halfway up the leg of my socks by now." *LOL* I guess that's when you know you're knitting too much!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weekend Outlook

I work a flex schedule in the summer, so today is my last day in the office this week. I just checked to see what the forecast is for the next three days. Is it weird that I'm glad there's a chance of showers and thundershowers each day?

Here's why I'm glad:
  1. I don't need to do any shopping this week, so I can devote Friday to cleaning, laundry, and cooking next week's meals for freezing. (I just love to come home in the evening on a work day, pull a home-cooked meal out of the freezer and pop in in the microwave.)
  2. That will leave most of the next two days open for....KNITTING! *happy dance*

I just love to get in the recliner on a gray, rainy day with a big 'ol glass of iced tea (I need to make a fresh batch tonight), a good audiobook on my Zune (which is ready and waiting), and my knitting (which is ALWAYS ready and waiting).

I currently have a big stack of UFOs because I'm trying to finish up my summer sock knitting. I've finished three pairs (see my sock knitting blog for details) so far and have nearly reached the heel on a fourth pair. After I finish the current pair, I want to knit at least one more pair of summer socks before I get back to my other projects.

I've been tracking my sock knitting time for the 10kH project and am now beginning to wonder if I should change it to 10,000 hours of just KNITTING instead of 10,000 hours of sock knitting. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions. Even though getting back to my other projects will cut into my sock knitting time (and my 10,000 hour goal), it's a long-term goal anyway, so it won't really matter. Okay, decision made: leave it as 10,000 hours of knitting socks. Moving on.

I bought Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Workshop for myself and have cast on the famed Baby Surprise Jacket as my first Zimmerman project. My first reaction on reading that pattern was "Okay. Now where can I find help with this?" *LOL* Luckily, my beloved Ravelry has an excellent BSJ Group, complete with its own Wiki. I've already joined the group and anticipate using it a LOT while knitting my first jacket.

I hope to spend some time this weekend just reading through the Knitting Workshop and absorbing the differences between EZ's style and other knitting books I've read. She's a legend, and I'm looking forward to learning more about her and her techniques.

All in all, it's shaping up to be a good weekend. Hope yours is great, too!