Monday, February 17, 2014

Life Goes On

It's no exaggeration to say that there have been many changes in my life in the past couple of months.  After Daddy passed away, Mom decided that she didn't want the responsibility of keeping the house (not to mention the yard work that would be involved) and that she wanted to sell it and get herself a small apartment.

I told her that I thought it was a great idea, and we began watching ads for an apartment near me (for convenience's sake, since Mom doesn't drive).  One Sunday morning, she said that she had a proposition for me.  She wondered if I'd be interested in moving from my two-bedroom unit to a three-bedroom unit and sharing it with her.

Once again, a great idea.  Unbelievably, a three-bedroom unit came available very quickly, and I hurriedly decluttered, donated, packed and moved into it.  It was a long, difficult task; I learned that I could get sore in places I'd forgotten I HAD!

But I'm moved in now.  Unpacking is still happening, but I'm moved in.  Next we'll get Mom packed, sell the house, and get her moved in.

So, as you can imagine, I haven't had time to do much knitting in the past few weeks.  As a result, my hands became very stiff and sore.  I took last Saturday and did nothing but lay on the couch, watch TV, and knit dishcloths.  Dishcloths are very relaxing.  It did me a world of good; my hands loosened up, and my mind settled considerably.

Word to the wise:  No matter how busy your life becomes, make time for a bit o' knitting.  It's good for you!  :-)