Friday, August 31, 2012

Knit, Frog, Knit

Well, after finishing my sweater last Saturday, I decided to cast on a scarf (one of my Christmas knitting projects).  Because I wanted to do something new, I pulled out my stitch dictionary and found a lovely stitch called "Cells" and cast on.

The fabric that was produced by this stitch was lovely, sort of a honeycomb effect.  Due to the slipped stitches in the pattern, it worked up as a double-thick fabric.  After about 15 inches of knitting, I decided that even though it was lovely, it would probably prove to be too thick to be comfortable to wear as a scarf.  This morning I bit my lip and ripped it back out to start over with a new stitch.

Back to the stitch dictionary.  I found another stitch I liked called Diamond Brocade.  I started the household gadgetry (washer, dishwasher, and Roomba), then settled onto the deck with a cup of coffee and my freshly frogged yarn and cast on again.

I've only knit one pattern repeat, but I can already tell that it will be more suited to wearability.  I just hope that it's as easy to memorize as Cells was!  I still like Cells, and I think I'll find myself some thicker yarn and use larger needles to knit myself some new rugs for the bathrooms.  I think that stitch would be just perfect for that.

So, back to my Diamond Brocade....have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, Knitsters!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hooray! The Jacket's FINISHED!!

Yesterday my Knit Meter said that I've knit 986 yards of yarn this year.  Today it says that I've knit 2,777 yards.  Why?  Because this morning I finally hid the last end on my adult version of Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket!

*HAPPY DANCE*  I haven't photographed it yet because frankly I don't want to look at it again today.  *LOL*

I have to admit that I was a bit horrified when I went into Ravelry to update my Projects page and found that I'd started the jacket almost a YEAR AGO.  Of course, I wasn't knitting on it steadily.  I had to stop and do my Christmas knitting, then there were various birthday and retirement items that had to be completed, not to mention a few baby gifts.

But all the same I'm glad to have it finished and to know it will be waiting in the closet when sweater weather finally arrives in my part of the world.

Next?  Christmas knitting.  I can't believe it's already time to start Christmas knitting, but it is.  So, off I go to check my stash to see what to start first.

Have a lovely weekend, my knitterly friends!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nearly Finished!!

After almost a year of on-again, off-again knitting, my adult version of Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Sweater is ALMOST FINISHED!!  The knitting is completed, and I'm now hiding the ends.  *happy dance*

I was on leave last week, so I was able to dedicate a few more hours of knitting time than usual to the sweater/jacket.  I was determined to get it finished in time to actually wear it this winter!  I also knew that I had to finish it pretty quickly because I need to get started on my Christmas knitting.

It's hard to believe how this summer has zipped past, but I must confess that I always look forward to fall.  Love those crisp mornings!

Okay, I must get off the keyboard now so I can get back to hiding ends.  Photos soon!