Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some Days It's Just Not Worth Chewing Through the Restraints

Have I mentioned that we're going through a computer system conversion at work? It's kind of taken over my life, to tell the truth. By the time I get home from work and do the few things I absolutely HAVE to do, I'm too exhausted to even pick up the "mindless knitting" I keep in a basket by the recliner. And I mean MINDLESS. Knit in your sleep kind of things. But I'm too tired to even pick up the needles, much less knit.

Here's an idea of how tired I've been: one night last week I fell asleep while eating dinner. HONESTLY!! Anyone who actually knows me knows how unlikely it is that I'd fall asleep during a meal! *LOL*

Today has been an unusually trying day, so while eating my sandwich for lunch, I decided that this will be the after-work plans today:
  1. Stop at Mickey D's for a salad.
  2. Go home.
  3. Call Mom.
  4. Take a long hot shower and put on flannel jammies.
  5. Eat salad while watching something mindless on TiVo. Maybe Gilmore Girls.
  6. Make a big mug o' tea.
  7. Log TiVo podcaster into KnitPicks podcasts I've not yet heard.
  8. Knit something mindless while catching up on podcasts.
  9. Repeat step 8 until dozing.
It's a gray, rainy day; I love rainy days. They pull the tension out of my body like a warm bath. So this should be a perfect evening for the "activities" I've planned for myself. I'm in definite need of some yarn therapy!!