Friday, April 13, 2012

Just a Quick Note

Just a brief catch-up entry before I pull my Adult Surprise Jacket from its rather untidy puddle of yarn beside my recliner and start knitting a few more miles of garter stitch.

I'm honestly not complaining.  This is a day I need the lovely mindless knitting of rows and rows of garter stitch.  Today is a day away from the office and I decided at 5:00 am that the most productive thing I intended to do today was dress myself.  And "dress" is a relative term.  I'm in sweatpants and a t-shirt; I could open the door if UPS decides to make a delivery today, but I'd be embarrassed to be seen by anyone who actually knows me.

But I don't care.  I was off work yesterday, and that day was spent running errands, getting a set of tires put on the car, and going to have my eyes examined.  So I DESERVE today in the recliner.

So this morning I caught up on some home computer work (I can't believe how fast my Hotmail inbox accumulates stuff) and watched a little TV.  I also downloaded three library books to my Kindle and an audiobook to listen to while knitting this afternoon.  "Angela's Ashes"....a favorite movie, and I'm anxious to hear the book.  I sometimes have actually put the DVD of the movie on to listen to while knitting.  Maybe it speaks to my Irish ancestry, but I just love the rhythm of the words in that movie.  I'm sure the book will have the same effect.

And so, off the PC and onto the knitting!

Have a great weekend, knitsters!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cast On!

Okay, I'm notorious for finally catching onto things long, LONG after the rest of the world has already been enjoying them for awhile.  Therefore, I am probably the last knitter in the world to discover the perfectly delightful Cast On podcast by Brenda Dayne.

Brenda has a perfect podcasting voice, clear diction with a soothing tone.  She refers to her listeners as "knitsibs", which I find to be a perfect title for us.  We're siblings under the skin because of our affection for knitting, right?

I only started listening last night, and am listening to the episodes in reverse order.  I know, I know, I should start at the beginning and work forward, and maybe I'll do that after listening to a dozen or so episodes, but for now I'm enjoying listening to her remarks about the current season in Wales, where she lives.

Her music choices in the episodes I've heard so far are lovely (some in Welsh) and appropriate to the subject matter of each podcast.

It's perfect to listen to while knitting during much-needed breaks from household drudgery on Saturday today.  :-)

Okay, back to drudgery so that I can work my way toward another Cast On/knitting break.

I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and Happy Easter weekend!