Thursday, April 22, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I admit it.....I am easily amused. Simple things make me very happy. Warm sunshine on my face, a bird singing in the tree outside my window, a steaming mug of tea on a chilly morning. Those are all good things.

Almost as good as receiving word from UPS that SOCK YARN will be delivered to my home today. *LOL*

I'm knitting summery socks to wear to work (with its chilly air conditioning), and found a deal on Sockotta at DBNY. So when it arrives today, I should have enough sock yarn to keep me out of mischief for a good long while.

.....or at least until I run up on another good deal, right? :-)

The Summer Lovin' socks are progressing nicely. I'm past the heel now and have started working my way up the leg. I tried them on again after I'd finished the heel, and the fit is great. *YAY*


  1. OK, so rather than 3 comments (I could go back and do that, tho, if you want - lol), here I will say:
    Yes, KnitPicks totally Rules!
    10,000 hours of knitting socks - you go, Knittah! and
    Yay for the Wells Fargo Wagon that carries yarn! (You have seen teh Music Man, no?)

  2. "Oh PLEASE let it be for meeeeeeeeeeee." *LOL*