Monday, May 31, 2010

On to Dragonfly

I finished up my Swan Song socks and have moved on to Dragonfly....details on my sock knitting blog. Before long I'll need to take a sock-knitting break and finish up some dishcloths I promised to knit for a family reunion. But I really NEED to finish up my summer socks first, right? RIGHT?
Okay, I confess. Socks are more fun than dishcloths. I even do the dishcloths two-at-a-time now so I can stay awake knitting them, but socks are still more fun. Sometimes I think of all the UFO's (UnFinished Objects) in my knitting basket, waiting patiently for me to pull them back out of the pile as I happily ignore them, knitting away on brightly colored, summery, lacy socks.

But most times, I just don't think of them. :-)
Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


  1. I once burned a ufo on the was a smocking project.

  2. *ROTF* Oh, boy, there's an idea for a gathering of knitters! A UFO barbecue!!