Monday, July 6, 2009

Making Progress

I'm still having pain and still waiting for a call from the doctor with results from last week's MRI. I did manage to go to Mom and Dad's for a visit on the Fourth, though, so that was a nice change.

Yesterday I was pretty uncomfortable, but managed to spend most of the day in my recliner with my heating pad, MeggieDog, the remote control, and my knitting. Finally, a day that I could make some knitting progress!!

I finished both sleeves for my Basic Sweater and attached them to the body. Then I knit about another 1/2 inch of the body. After another inch, I'll be ready to begin the decreases for the yoke! Hooray! The great news is that so far IT FITS!!! I'm very pleased with the way it's going. If I could have a couple of days to do nothing but knit, I think I could finish it up. At the rate I've been able to work on it, though, it might take another couple of weeks. Still, it's great to finally feel like I'm on the home stretch!

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