Monday, April 20, 2009

Yorkie Sweaters

I've been a bad blogger....but I have an excuse! Some friends of mine own four adorable little Yorkies, and I've been knitting sweaters for each of them. They're the same pattern as the sweaters I've made for Meggie, just smaller. They actually turned out really cute.

I've finished two of them (except for washing and blocking them) and need to sew the buttons on the other two. When I get the buttons on all of them, I'll take a photo and post it here.

I've knitted most of a sock (I'm about an inch from starting the toe decrease), but I've only been working on that off and on during the time I've been knitting the Yorkie sweaters. I need to finish up that pair of socks and get to work on a practice sweater I've cast on.

I've bought some lovely CotLin yarn from Knit Picks to knit myself a summer-weight sweater. I want to knit the pattern up in some inexpensive acrylic first, though, to be sure I understand the pattern. I hope I'm not in over my head!

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