Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Knitting in Waiting Rooms

This morning I had to run by the lab on my way to work to have some blood drawn for my regular checkup next week.  Like a lot of knitters, I keep a "go bag" near the front door with a small knitting project to take along when I leave the apartment.

My current "go bag" project is a pair of plain vanilla socks (3:1 rib, toe up, slipped stitch heel) that I can knit without looking at a pattern.  (Well, except for the heel....I always carry a cheat sheet on an index card that gives instructions for my favorite heel!)

When I arrived at the lab, I checked in with the receptionist and settled into a chair in the waiting room.  I pulled my knitting from my little bag and began knitting happily.  Within a few minutes, the waiting room began to fill with other patients.  I noticed they began to fidgit and sigh heavily after a few minutes more.  I continued to knit, comforted by the repetitive motion, the light click of the needles, and the feel of wool in my hands.

Later, as I was driving to the office, I realized that I no longer mind waiting for appointments.  In fact, if I get called in earlier than my appointed time I'm mildly disappointed.  I feel as though I've been robbed of a bit of knitting time.

Last May I slipped while hiking and broke my leg.  Mom still tells the story that when she and Daddy took me to the local Urgent Care center, I knitted while waiting to be examined.  She was stunned that I could concentrate enough to knit while in that much pain.

She's not a knitter, so she doesn't understand that knitting was probably the only reason I was able to bear the pain as well as I did.

How does knitting work this magic?  I can't speak for others, of course, but as for myself I believe it helps me center my thoughts.  As I knit and purl I feel a sense of calm serenity.  In fact, it's not unusual for me to doze off while knitting in my recliner at home.

Sure hope that never happens in a waiting room!  *LOL*

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