Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Scarf Continues

I'm still knitting the fairly mindless Diamond Brocade Scarf and am beginning to look forward to finishing it so I can move on to the next Christmas gift scarf.

I had a doctor's appointment Monday and it dawned on me then that I had a LOT of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) from which to choose my "waiting room knitting".  Hmmmm.  Maybe I need to take a little time to get my UFOs organized and get them finished up.

.....after my Christmas knitting is finished.  *LOL*

It really is a little nutsy when I think about how many partially-completed pairs of socks I have on needles.  Right now ALL my sets of sock needles are tied up with socks of various styles and colors.

I guess I have the dreaded "startitis".....I love starting new things.  Okay, I hereby resolve to organize my UFOs and get them finished up, one at a time.

Which reminds me that I have one set of circular needles tied up with partially completed dishcloths I'm making for Christmas.  Sheesh!

Okay, maybe my FIRST task should be to make a list so that I can prioritize what needs to be finished first.  I have a nifty little notebook right in my knitting bag beside my recliner that should be ideal for that.  Then I can mark them off as they're completed.

I've been a bit lackadaisical about knitting after work, and the truth is that I feel better when I knit for an hour or so each night after a hard day at the office.  I'm just out of the habit for some strange reason.

So, that will be one of my goals for the upcoming weekend.  I'm going to organize my knitting projects, make myself a prioritized list of UFOs, and get down to business.

After all, it's only 2 months, 4 weeks and 1 day until Christmas!!

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