Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Now Return to Our Previously Scheduled Sweater.....

Last Sunday while visiting my parents, I was knitting a couple of dishcloths. Side Note: I knit them two at a time on a circular needle, and usually knit "Granny's Favorite", which you can find in "Cricket's Favorite Freebies", link on the right.

The other day, though, one of the talented knitters I follow online, Pretty Knitty, made a few adjustments to the pattern and improved it. So, I felt the need to try it out. As I was sitting there knitting, Daddy asked what I was working on, and I told him. "So how are you coming along on that sweater?" he asked innocently.

Good question. The sweater has been languishing in a tote bag behind my couch for some time now. You'd think with a broken leg, I'd have had plenty of time to finish it. You'd be wrong.

Since it takes me practically forever to do ANYTHING on crutches, I actually have less time for knitting right now than before. But today I'm off work. I did a little household drudgery this morning, resting my leg between chores, and now I'm in the recliner. I've had a little nap and have now decided the time has come to pull the sweater out of its hiding place and get back to it.

I'll keep you posted. :-)

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